7 Automatic & Custom Title Pages

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Automatic Title Pages

In conventional (print) book layout, there are usually two title pages: the Half-Title, which contains the title of the book, and the Title Page, which usually contains the title, subtitle, author, publisher, publisher city. Pressbooks automatically generates a Title Page in PDF and EPUB/MOBI exports, and (in most themes) a Half-Title Page in PDF (but not EPUB or MOBI).

The automatically generated Title Page (and Half-Title) pulls information from the Book Info page, and styles it appropriately. The Title and Author will be filled in automatically whether or not you visit the Book Info page; for the other items, if you do not add the information, then it will not show up on the Title Page.

If you wish to remove your half-title page, you will need to apply the Custom CSS theme, Edit CSS for your PDF, and make sure the half-title variable reads as follows in the book’s CSS.

#half-title-page {display: none;}

Making a Custom Title Page

You may want to create your own Title Page in order to add a logo, or identify contributor roles differently than the automatic option allows (e.g. instructors for course materials). To do this, you can create a custom Title Page, which will override the automatically-generated version:

  1. Add a new front matter item.
  2. Select Title Page as the front matter type.
  3. Add your content (including images) and style it as you like.
  4. Save your title page and export.


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